Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yoghurt House

Yoghurt House
Sagada, Mountain Province

A quaint little resto that wouldn't really be so hard to find in Sagada. Everybody knows it, and even first timers would surely encounter this place during their journey. It's a few minutes walk from the town hall and you can just ask anyone from the place you are staying, where this is and you will definitely find it.

First thing that got me to try this resto was the distinct appeal it presents me, it's very homey, yet has a rustic native feel to it with the interiors and the decorations and the very inviting sign that says "yoghurt". I just love that stuff.

Me and my friend decided to swing by after the cave connection tour, we're all wet and dirty and people are eyeing on us with a bit of interest (or so I think). We decided to go to the 2nd floor because the 1st floor was already packed with people and a handful of tourists.

We were attended by a bit preoccupied waitress who got our orders and informed us that most of the desserts were already gone (which would probably mean they were real good.) After perusing their menu, I ended up ordering Baked chicken and cheese pasta because I haven't had a decent chicken meal in days.

This is what I got, yeah a lot of cheese but don't let it fool you I wasn't really happy with what I ordered, the chicken still has some traces of feathers stuck at certain parts which made me not eat the chicken skin which I so love and the pasta is real heavy on the cheese but it's too soggy for my taste and I really wished I ordered something else and I finished the buttered toast instead. This costed me P 180.00. Not worth it.

However, the Pan Fried Beef with mountain rice and mixed veggies was a delight for P190.00. The beef was cooked deliciously and is a bit sweet with fresh veggies and the light dressing. In Sagada, I definitely urge people to eat veggies and beef, since it's in the mountain side the veggies are real fresh and crispy, while the cows are fed with a good amount of crops as well making them more savory.

And then there was dessert, the house specialty which was the Yoghurt Cake for only P40.00, which was by the way truly awesome. If you hadn't noticed my spoon is a sign that I wasn't able to stop myself from munching into it as soon as it was laid on my table.
I tried asking what the cake was made of, the waitress just told me it's yellow cake but I still am not convinced, maybe it's a house recipe or something, but it's really good, topped with yoghurt which is not the sweet or sour kind but just right and then capped off with a glorious scoop of strawberry jam. YUM!

(Photo by Ronz Cappal)

The next morning, we found ourselves excitingly headed to the Yoghurt House again to try the Banana Pancake with Yoghurt P75.00. I am so loving their yoghurt concocted recipes! The banana pancake was a treat to my tastebuds, similar to the yoghurt cake with the topping (strawberry jam) the mix of the banana and the yoghurt inside the pancake practically sealed everything.

Dining at Yoghurt house is really a very delightful experience, it's just that they don't serve free water to diners, you literally have to buy the water, I was thinking this is because some people are not really accustomed to drinking the water there but you can bring your own bottle anyway so it's still cool.