Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlie's Grind and Grill

Charlie's Grind and Grill
16 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila

My first food post, it's got to be something really good.

We've set the date to taste the delectable treats at this hidden resto inside a car wash, after much built up of anticipation it finally happened.

I had my son with me so we have to get something appealing to his tastebuds as well and as soon as I got this cleared with the person behind the counter she offered us their specialties.

Everybody is buzzing about the Black Angus Burger  so even if I already ordered a plate of Pasta Marinara (made sweeter) I got this as well. I just forgot to tell them to hold the onions and the pickle, (onions are really huge, if I may say so massive! LOL).

The serving is huge enough for me and my kid to munch on, coupled with the "fresh" fries which by the way are also huge, I think everything in this resto is like a double order for me and I should've tried to look at them first before ordering a few plates for the two of us.

The black angus patty is really mouth watering, it's not dry and it has this unique flavor that would make you say it IS really beef and not to mention so soft in the palate, that my 2 year old also likes it.

I had such a delight eating this, but the other fun part about this resto is they have dressings available like your typical catsup and mayo, plus mustard and aoli and I didn't check all of what they had coz I had my claws on the aoli already.

The Cheese fries.

My friend ordered this one and when it was placed on our table, it quickly got my attention, with all those melted cheese covering the home cooked fries. It was REAL cheesy, but I would recommend that you get this to be shared with your group, coz if you don't get to finish it while it's hot it loses it's essence, like most food.

One good thing about this store too is that they have this "Shroom Burger". It is a no meat burger, might be good if you are dining with a vegetarian or you can try it for yourself too. I like mushrooms and to have it crusted with cheese is definitely a really REALLY good idea!

Everytime I go to a resto I definitely look for pasta and if there are interesting drinks/desserts that would tickle my fancy. There was only one type of pasta they offer and that is the Spaghetti Marinara, at first I thought there was nothing special with it although it says "five pieces meatballs" underneath, until I GOT served.

"It pays not to underestimate the advertisement next time," was all that I could say to myself coz I think the meatballs are almost the size of my fist. AND there are 5 right smack in my overloaded with cheese "marinara". I asked the waitress to make it sweeter since my kid is going to share it with me to which they responded dutifully, which was real nice. I was able to finish the burger and got this whole thing to go for Mom.

They also have milkshakes which was real perfect! mmhmm *lip smacking motions*

I had the strawberry overflowing with cream and topped with a cherry which gave way to not making me want anything for the rest of the day. It was not as sweet as I have expected it to be, just right to cap off the meal, but is not very recommended if you are not a big eater, coz I can feel my stomach close to bursting after trying to finish this beauty.

But I won't really recommend it for people who has little kids, coz they don't have high chairs and they have a really small room so if your little tyke is being a handful, it might cause trouble to other diners as well. And although it was a bit difficult to find this place at first but it was worth it, we'll surely come back for more of their specialties.

(Photos taken by Ingrid Samson and Kaye Hernandez)

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